The Isofocal technology by PhysIOL.

IsoPure is a fully monofocal refractive, aspherical lens based on the unique Isofocal technology. The Isofocal technology provides cataract patients high far vision quality combined with visual improvement in intermediate vision by accentuating the extended depth of focus (EDOF) effect without inducing photic phenomena.

Serenity. No photic phenomena.

IsoPure is a fully refractive technology. To achieve EDOF* performance, IsoPure shows a unique design surface thanks to the Isofocal technology (patent pending). Halos, glares or starbursts should have beneficially a low incidence and be comparable to the monofocal lens. ​​

*EDOF is defined as the power add-in diopter from the MTF peak (best focus) to MTF value of 0.17 at 50 Lp/mm (internal PhysIOL criterium).

Serenity. Depth of focus.​

To achieve extended depth of focus performance, IsoPure shows a unique design surface thanks to the Isofocal technology (patent pending). ​

Serenity. Depth of focus.​

A monofocal lens offers only one unique focus point dedicated to the far vision. ​

Serenity. Depth of focus.​

IsoPure benefits from a unique aspheric design on the anterior and posterior surface of the lens which creates depth of focus without impairing the contrast sensitivity. ​

Serenity. Purity.​

G-Free material with long-term safety follow-up This proven material, patented by PhysIOL, shows no sign of glistening and a highly reduced risk of posterior capsular opacification.

Serenity. Stability.

Easy injection thanks to preloaded 1.2.3 Premium injection system. The four closed haptic design provides a predictive and effective lens position.

The optical bench measurement proves the IsoPure is doubling the extended depth of focus compared with a monofocal lens.

*Measurement on optical bench equipped with the ISO2 cornea model which fulfills 11979-2 with 0.28 m spherical aberrations 5.15 mm aperture and IOL plane.

Unique injection pressure release system (PRS innovation) decreases by 15% on average the injection force during the lens injection.


For a more accurate vision, please turn your device to landscape mode.